Partition Find & Mount free for PC

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  • Developer A-FF team
  • Version 2.31
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Luckily, the information placed in a formatted hard disk is completely retrievable thanks to Partition Find & Mount tool. It is the software that has been created by A-FF Team allowing the user to recover data inside the partitions.

Key Features

  • Scan: the software scans all the contents of the hard disk and groups them in a read-only mode for the user to be able to explore them again. There are 3 ways of scanning: intellectual, normal and thorough scans.
  • Formatting and emptying trash: With Partition Find & Mount, the user who has formatted all the contents of the hard disk or emptied his trash can now be reassured. This program offers its users the possibility to recover them all.
  • Images: this program also offers the user the possibility to create an image that is related to the partition. He just has to click on the appropriate button. This can be used for scanning generic hard drives in the future.

Is It Free?

Yes, the software is completely free of charge.

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