Transferring from hqard drive

 Antonio Feitosa -
My old desk top pc would not start was totally useless so I bought a new laptop.
I have many precious pictures on the old desk top that I want and because it wont even power up I need to get the hard drive out I am guessing and transfre to my new laptop,, please can you tell me how to do this as im a complete begginner and know nothing at all where to even start or what I need to buy as in a cable or something?�
Also how do I get then drive out?
Kind thanks for any help given im desperate as some pictures were of family now passed away

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If your old pc does not even power up there is no way to assure its hard disk will run and that you will succeed in transfering the files to your ney computer...

I think that the simplest procedure would be to get an USB to IDE cable (around $10) and plug the hard drive to a free USB port on your laptop. The hard drive will then appear at the "My Computer" devices list and you should be able to see all your files, same way you do with a pen drive.

Note that you should to connect the hd to a power source also, if you cable does not provide one. You can get info on that at the place you buy the cable. Also you can take a look at a hard disk at the store just to know to recognize the one in your computer to take it off...

Good luck. Write back in case you need further assistance...

Please do not EVER keep important files in a hard drive with no copy in a safe place. Even you laptop can not turn on tomorrow... It can be stolen, forgotten at a cab in a trip to bahamas, who knows...

Today you can have gigabytes of free space online also. Microsoft gives 5GB of space for each hotmail account, as an example. Pen drives are not very reliable but are cheap, DVDs and CDs are cheap and easy to burn. External HD of half a terabyte can cost under $200...