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I have a guy who is running windows xp home plus! he has a prob that is baffling even me one of his hard drives is failing to load at times and has to hard restart. but when he lets it sit all night and starts in the morning the hard drive makes a funny noise then goes through the loading process when it gets to the windows loading screen the xp colors are blue, orange, and green. He is using a E machine this has happened to 2 of his hard drives now the original and a new. What could be going wrong? My guess is a corrupt update but our local computer place seems to think it's either his motherboard, or his Ram but I have changed both and has done the same thing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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It's the motherboard, video card or RAM
We have changed motherboards and ram and still same prob the video card is on board but told him that was a possibility. I am stumped. I can't figure this out.