How to change the operating system language

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i have a computer in china language that is windows vista (G) service packe 1 and i want to change the language to english

please please help me some body thanks alote

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You can only do this if you have Vista Ultimate or Enterprise.

With Ultimate, you can download the language packs for free.
Just open Windows Update, choose "view available updates",
and check the language pack you want.

Afterwards, from Control Panel (categories view), just choose
"Change display language" under "Clock, Language and Region".
Pick your language, log off, log on, and done.

If you have another version of Vista other than those two,
you'll need to purchase a "full version" of Windows
Vista in your desired language and perform a "clean install"
or install it on a separate hard drive or partition.

I think the problem is that if its in a different language how can you read it to know which one of updates is in English ? I tryed to go to google translate typed in "English language " and copied down the Chinese equivalent on a piece of paper went back into the updates list but found no match !!!!!! So I think this is the major problem facing users trying to change a language