Converting date to year and month text

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I have a cell date entered as 8-Nov. Excel reads this date as 11/8/2010. The cell entry actually means Nov, 2008. I need to change that cell entered as 8-Nov (and the whole column of dates entered in same fashion) as 200811. How do I do that?


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I'm by no means an Excel expert at all, however, I have come up with another possible solution...

=TEXT(A1, "mmm") & ". " & TEXT(A1, "yyyy")

This will translate 11/08/2008 in cell A1 as Nov. 2008. The day value can be any from 1 through 30 (for the month of November).

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Additional way of formulating the same solution may be...

=TEXT(A1, "mmm. ") & TEXT(A1, "yyyy")
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Format the cell as YYYYMM
Excel can't handle dates without a day, but the following will convert a text input of "y-mmm" into a workable date:


Change A7 to whatever is required. You can then format the cell as mmm-yy or however you want to display it.
If the date input is not actually text and Excel has already converted this to a serial date format, this will revert it:
Again, change A7 to the relevent cell.