Screen wont pass after start up

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I need help! After I start my computer the system goes to the main screen however, ONCE goes there it shows a bunch of numbers and figures like it was a virus...I would like to by-pass all the mess and would like to erase the whole computer and start fresh. Can you please send me the instructions of how to delete the entire hard drive please? The only thing is the computer ONLY allows me to press F-2...after that its shows numbers and figures...I am not a computer expert but I do follow instructions very well, please help me??? I don't have any important information anyways so I would like to erase and load windows 7 again. Please help!

Thanks, Jerry

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Have you tried going to Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management & see whether your ext HDD is present there? If it is and it is showing with a question mark above it, it may need initialized-NOT FORMATTED - initialized.