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  • Developer PixelDough
  • Version 1.2
  • License Freeware
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Start Survey? is a horror video game made for the Haunted PS1's Horrifying Halloween jam. It offers a short but very cool experience with a well-crafted chilling atmosphere. You may think this is just another jumpscare game, but it's not. As you start answering questions, it may make you question yourself deeply and see the world from a different angle.


With little to claim as your own, you find yourself ensnared in the monotony of daily routines. Each day mirrors the last, reminiscent of an unpredictable coin toss. But today, your mundane cycle faces a twist. You're about to discover that the Midnight Zone holds secrets that challenge what you know.


  • Short but dense: It is a short game for sure, but what it does, it does well. The narration progressively unfolds beneath your feet, mixing a pinch of horror, psychology, and science-fiction. Locked in this room, you will live unique moments, answer questions, and, who knows, find your true self.
  • Personal data: As it focuses on immersiveness, Start Survey? may use some personal information on your computer, like your username. It is not a threat at all, but if you plan to stream it, ensure not to display those bits.
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  • Linear progression: The game follows a linear progression tied to the completion of the survey questions. How you interact with the environment may affect (a little) the unfolding of events.
  • Simple controls: The control mapping is really simple, as you only need a couple of controls. Easy to understand, pleasant to play.

Graphics and sound

Start Survey? was developed on Roblox using the Unity game engine, Aseprite, and Blender. It features simple grayscale graphics that surprisingly produce a convincing spine-chilling atmosphere and creepy environment. You can enable colors, but it may defeat the primarily intended experience.

The sound design is a key component, contributing to the game's unsettling atmosphere. There's the ambient noise of the computer, the environment outside, and other eerie sounds.


This is a short game you can finish in around 5-15 minutes, depending on how hard you think about the questions.

What do the reviews say?

There are no official reviews out there. Still, the game has become popular due to the fact it successfully combines a spine-chilling atmosphere with a dense but original gameplay loop.

Age rating

The game is rated for Everyone.