Hp Mini factory settings restore

 rana -

I would like to restore my Hp Mini 1000 to factory settings, will all the information on the hard drive be deleted if I do so? \do I need to first back it up? pls help.

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i have hp 2133 mini notebook. I can't boot for the past more than a week
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You don't have to back it up using the F10 method. Just shut down your computer, then when you turn it back on reapetely press F10 until a BIOS setup utility pops up. Go a few pages to the left and do a memory check, the re-enter the correct time and date. Then hit F10 again, and it will be rebooted.
what should I do my back up file has been deleted by mistake...currently no backup. ...i can start in the safe mode.

Hi mike,

Definitely you need to make a backup which is always recommended as all data will be erased completely.