How to reset Samsung TV: to factory settings, without remote

How to reset Samsung TV: to factory settings, without remote

If you are experiencing problems with your Samsung Smart TV, a simple factory reset of your television may suffice in fixing any minor glitches. This reset will allow you to reconfigure all of your television's settings and get your TV working properly again. There are different methods, depending on the age of your TV and the software that it is running.

How to factory reset Samsung TV?

Recent TVs 2021+

  • Press the home button on the remote
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Support > Device Care
  • Select Self Diagnosis
  • Then Reset Smart Hub
  • You will need to enter your Smart TV PIN. If you haven't already set up a PIN number, then the default is 0000. Once you have entered your PIN, the TV will immediately reset.

2018 - 2020 TVs

  • Press the home button on the remote
  • Go to settings
  • Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset
  • Enter PIN. The default PIN is 0000 unless you have create a PIN yourself. The TV will reset once you enter the PIN.

2014-2018 TVs

  • Press the Menu button
  • Go to support > self diagnosis
  • Select Reset. This resets all settings except network settings.
  • Enter your PIN. The default PIN is 0000 unless you changed it.

Older TVs 

For older TVs the only thing you will need for this process is your Samsung Smart Remote. Before beginning, it's very important to make sure that your TV is OFF.

  • Take your Smart Remote in hand and simultaneously press Info + Menu + Mute + Power.
  • Next, enter the following sequence into your remote: Mute > 1 > 8 > 2 > Power.
  • Your television will boot up in service mode. Using your remote, go to Options > Factory Reset.
  • Your television will now turn off. Turn your device back on to proceed with the setup.

How to reset Samsung TV without a remote? 

Whilst you can't factory fully reset your TV without a remote, you can do a simple reset, this should help if you are having small issues with your TV. All you need to do is turn the TV off, turn off the power to the TV at the wall outlet, and hold the start button on the TV for at least 15 seconds. After doing this, release and turn the TV back on at the power socket. Now you can turn your TV on again using the power button and your TV should be reset.

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