Phone won't read pics on memory card

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I have an LG Rumor2 phone and i am using a microSD card that a friend of mine used with their LG chocolate phone. when i plug the card in, it's able to read it, and play the music that is on there, but it acts like there aren't any pictures on it. i've tried moving the pictures from the default memory card folder, and the file type should be compatible since the photos i send FROM my phone itself are also .jpgs. i have tried to find a solution for this online but i keep getting redirected to the wrong topic. when i go into the 'My pictures' section and then the memory card section, it just says that it can't locate any picture files. it would be great if i cna find a solution to this so if you can help me out, that would be supremely, and greatly appreciated.
Thanks, BlkTgr

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Dear Sir,

There might be a problem from the phone itself. Please confirm the matter by inserting the memory card in another phone and if it doesn't work, you will definitely have to get it formatted.

Thank you.
It worked perfectly fine in the Lg chocolate phone
what if the card can read it in anather fun,but not the chocolate phone?
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Hi Lizzy, if the pictures are compatible to the phone, it is obvious that there should be some corrupted files on it making it react like this. Get it formatted in order to allow it to work properly.
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Check the picture size it larger than supported it may ot open/displayed.