Dna-a211-1 user name and password gets reset

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I have been using this modem for the past 18 months. Since the past 2 months I have a problem. The PPP Username gets reset to multiplay automatically. I have to go and change the user name and password and it works for the session. Then when I switch off power, it gets reset to multiplay automatically. Could you please provide me with a permanent solution for this?


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One problem could be the 230VAC to 10VDC adapter check if it is getting hot (the ones manufactured by ICIL are poor quality). The size of the adapter provided shows it is under-designed. I changed mine and the problem is solved. Mine was getting so hot one could have boiled water with the heat. Under such heat I'm sure thinstead of DC AC was being fed to the modem resulting in it switching off. ITI's lowest tender requirement may be the cause of such poor quality Adapters being supplied!
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The AC adapter could be a problem. I had similar problems and noticed the 230VAC-10VDC converter was getting terribly hot (one could probably boil water) and this was the cause. I used the one provided for the speakers 230VAC-9VDC and it worked perfectly fine