XBOX COD6 Multiplayer Option Freezes

 korbman -

When my son trys to play the Multiplayer option on COD6, the console freezes and the display goes black. Every other option on COD6 works but not Multiplayer.

He has the same error on COD4 & COD5.

Other games on Live work OK.

Any suggestions ?


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yes hhm the cod system the CD-rom use a code i have the sam problem with my james bond for xbox but .. only thing thats wrong is the system change it or buy an new one :P latrz srry if its too late
Yeah, I actually had the exact same problem where my console would freeze when attempting to play multiplayer on Modern Warfare 2. It wouldn't do it all the time, just maybe about 50%...but it was still really annoying. At one point I got fed up and just bought one of the new ones and haven't had a problem since. I'm in agreement with J., it seems to be a console issue.

Best of luck to you