Help I lost all my pictures and videos

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A few months ago I had to do a system restore on my desktop . My computer is like brand new and I lost all my pictures an videos :-( please help I would like my memories back.

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System restore won't make the data lost permanently at the short moment. But if you continue to save more files to the hard drive, your original data have the possibility to be overwritten. It just depends on what you have done. Generally speaking a few months are long enough to overwrite your original deleted data.

How ever who knows, you can still have a try. the best way to see if you can get them back is using some recovery programs. I find this thread quite similar to your situation:

You may look for more info there. thanks
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I suggest you use a free program called Recuva. It you run a "deep scan" it should recover any picture it can find. But two months is a long time and most of the data will be overwritten.

Good Luck