Memory speed question on Dell Dimension 8200

 Bob -

I want to upgrade my Dell Dimension 8200 with the 2.26 P4 processor. I have 2 Gigs of PC-800-45 ns RDRAM and the machine halts with the message I need 40 ns sticks. Is there any work around so I can use the 2 gigs of 45NS.



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Hi there,

Please give more information ,when you add both what happens?

Thanks for your quick reply.

The Dell Dimension 8200 boots fine with the 256 Mgs of 40ns memory. When I use the 1 Gig of 45ns memory from my old Dell OptiPlex the 8200 computer halts and displays a message that says I need 40 ns memory. Is there a jumper setting to change the wait state or clock speed so the slower memory sticks will work?

Again, thanks for your help.