Firefox hates RedVsBlue?

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This is a weird problem. But whenever I'm using Mozilla Firefox to watch some videos, I get this weird message saying that "Visual Studio can debug the script" or something. Anyways, as soon as that message shows up, the video freezes. I had this happen when I was in full screen mode watching a video, and I had to restart my computer because I couldn't click any interface options. I was able to use the 'windows' key, next to the alt button to get to the shutoff. So in summary, the problem is, movies are getting weird script problems and won't play. This doesn't happen with all movies mind you. I first noticed this when trying to watch RedVsBlue by Roosterteeth. Googlechrome let me watch the show just fine.

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Dear Sponge,

Please check whether the problem is not sourcing from its graphic card or its driver. It might be simply that you need to have its driver updated. Please check the issue in the Device Manager.

Thanks in advance.