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I have a excel worksheet with inventory data in it.
Column A is Item Number
Column B is Type of Coating
Column C is Stock Level to maintain
Column D is Stock on Hand
Column E is Qty. to Order
Column F is Ordered

There are 220 rows in the worksheet (and growing)

I have the basics covered, =IF(D7<C7,C7-D7,"").

What I'm wondering is beyound the basics I believe.

Here's my question. Is it possible when Column F has a X in it, to copy that row of information using only Column A, B, E into an existing worksheet, in the same workbook, named Order Form that is already formatted with a company logo and a place for a P.O.#. This then can be printed out to give to the sales person rather then copy/paste manually or taking forever giving a verbal or written order, which sometimes leads to mistakes.

From browsing the internet it seems possible, but all the examples A)involve using VBA, which i can follow, but have problems modifing for this purpose.
B)copy the entire row if column is equal to "X" when I only need the three columns of information for each row.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Sir,

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Thank you.