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i recently installed a new keyboard on my laptop. When I press certain keys it will type 2. for ex, I type "o" and it types "lo". I press "w" it types w2. I have checked my language settings and pressed shift to do sticky keys. I have reinstalled windows and tried different languages. Any suggestion would help right now.

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Dear Aphiok,

Please confirm whether there is no trojan or virus causing the trouble.

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry this solution comes up too late after the original post, but some one might be having this problem right now,with that said now to the point:
ok I had the same problem when I used to press letter w (w2 would come up),it happen because my cmos battery died and I changed it to a new one,for some reason the keyboard got crazy,all I did was remove the new battery again for about a minute or so,then reboot the laptop changing the time at desk top and thats it.problem solved.