Virus attack on my laptop, please HELP!!!!!

n0n3 - Dec 7, 2008 at 08:47 PM
 Harrish - Jun 3, 2009 at 08:33 AM

I have got this problem for about two weeks now, is the microsoft security center message that keeps coming up when I go to some of the websites. The whole thing says

Microsoft Security Center

Alert : Your computer have been attacked by spyware or viruses!

Please download AntiSpyware to fix.

Download AntiSpyware Now



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I have tried AVG, adware, malwarebytes, rogueremover, but nothing seems to work. I cant check my emails anymore and I don't know what to do any more...please help!!!

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rubrami281 Posts 164 Registration date Tuesday September 30, 2008 Status Member Last seen February 3, 2009 104
Dec 7, 2008 at 10:09 PM
You'll probably have 2 run a System Recovery and bring your laptop back 2 factory settings. Sometimes, this is the only way 2 rid of them pesty and malicious viruses. Unfortunately, the downside is that you'll lose all your files and folders. Which is y it's always good 2 backup any files u create that may b important 2 u. Anyway, if u want 2 run a System Recovery do the following: Go 2 Start............ All programs.............System recovery..............System recovery................"Do you really want to start System Recovery?" YES...........then follow the rest.

U can also read the nfo at the link below. It'll help u in the future!..................Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Jeezy Posts 1 Registration date Sunday December 7, 2008 Status Member Last seen December 7, 2008 1
Dec 7, 2008 at 10:57 PM
Best way is to find out what program it is under the task manager, and then google it. You will then find out what to do to remove it.
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Dec 7, 2008 at 11:37 PM
I'm glad you were able to read my solution to come up with your truncated and less useful solution.

Power to the plagiarists!
TheParoxysm Posts 169 Registration date Sunday December 7, 2008 Status Member Last seen March 25, 2011 74
Dec 7, 2008 at 10:16 PM
Please don't listen to this other person. He's doing the typical "fix" found in this software area.

Recovery console, or reinstall, or format, etc.

It's actually a "trap" program that advertises a fake antispamware that actually messes up your computer itself!

Your scan show nothing because there IS nothing!

Your problem can be solved one of two ways.

#1 look through your filesystem and find the files related to the antispamware. There are on your computer somewhere. Try checking your task manager (ctrl-alt-delete) and looking through running processes for something called anti spamware or something of the sort. That is the name of the executable file. Search your computer for it, and once you find it, go back to your processes, end THAT process, then quickly delete the file before it restarts. After restarting your computer you will then be able to delete the rest of the related files to it.

#2 find someone who knows how to do that (that you trust!) and have them do it from your computer, or remotely over the internet on your computer.

Good luck and feel free to message me for more help!
your Laptop affected by a virus, you just download a linux operating system like ubuntu, slax etc for ubuntu you can check this site download or request for a free CD. You have to Register an account for the requesting of CD. it may take 1 month to receive the CD.

Then go to your BIOS Advanced option first Booting device set as CD ROM. Second Booting Device as Hard Disk. Then save the Bios settings. Insert the CD. Linux will be booted in this you can select use ubuntu with out changing your System.

Go to Places and see your all drives and delete the unknown file except which you had copied. example if you see a file named as newfolder.exe. In C: drive dont delete other files.

Virus file that is shared all Drives as the same name so check your d: which is shared all drives just delete them. Some virus in the system folders like in the drive there are 2 folder which is Hidden in our Windows Operating Systems Recycler, system volume information check the recycler if anything named unwanted delete them.

Warning: By deleting system files may be lead to system boot failure so if you know more about the operating system file then go to this

Usefull tips: In Pendrive many viruses spreading so use the pen drive in ubuntu operating system because linux does not support windows virus