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  • Developer BigBrainz
  • Version 4.5
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Timez Attack is a game for school-age children to learn to multiply in an agile way. The action game starts with the main character who is trapped in a subway dungeon full of orcs who are chasing him. In addition, the character will find keys on the way that must be picked up to add points and opportunities to escape. The points can be obtained by solving math problems.

What are the key features of Timez Attack?

  • Learning, this game is intended for children who wish to learn and practice multiplication tables. It provides an efficient way to learn and retain tables while being enjoyable and fun.
  • Learning with an adventure game, it encourages students and children to guide their green insects/heroine dinosaurs through a dangerous fantasy world. Along the way, they will need to quickly solve increasingly difficult multiplication puzzles in order to continue. Everything from unlocking doors to boss fights is based on mastering multiplication.
  • Entertaining, the final goal is to free a character from a labyrinth. As the users move forwards through the game, they will face challenges and fight by using multiplication while the difficulty level increases according to the position in the labyrinth. The game mode is simple and the different mathematical challenges are given sufficient variety so that they do not become repetitive.
  • Convenient, the game it’s attractive enough not to be boring, at the same time it contains a solid core of mathematical content really useful for improving student performance.
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Is it free?

The software is free for download.