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Tuesday July 27, 2010
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July 27, 2010
 ella -
I downloaded msn onto my laptop and i tried to show my webcam with my friend but it automatically went into a video call. When my friends invite me to view or send webcam it automatically rejects the invites. I don't want to do a video call i just want to view webcams. I have previously had this version of msn on my laptop and webcams do work. I have been in all the settings but I'm not really technical so any help how to set it up ?

Please help me guys !! :)
Thanks, ;)

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Dear Sir,

There should some problems upon its configurations and in order to have the problem solved, you should open the Configuration Wizard and set it right. Please get the help of the below Kioskea FAQ article in order to have the problem solved.

Thanks in advance.
i know same here >.<
i wanted to just webcam with me friend but then i can only find the video call
i cant fine any webcam~ esssh