Unable to open Hotmail: in Safari, Google Chrome (2023)

Unable to open Hotmail: in Safari, Google Chrome (2023)

Here we offer you several solutions to the problem when you cannot log in to your Hotmail account in Google Chrome or Safari even entering your correct login and password.

Can't access Hotmail in Safari

If you can't access your Hotmail with your browser this may occur when you quit Hotmail (Closing browser and restarting Mac), without closing the session. To remedy this: you should delete the cookies related to Hotmail. Follow the following steps.

To open Hotmail in Safari on a Mac you will need to delete cookies related to Hotmail. 

  • Open Safari > Preferences > Security > Show Cookies.

  • Now type: live.com
  • Now you just click on Remove All.

Can't open Hotmail in Google Chrome

If you can't open your Hotmail account in Google Chrome and are getting [object ReadableByteStream] message or just a blank page? In this case, try the following:

Check if the page opens in other browsers, such as Opera, or access it from your smartphone. If you are unable to access your mail in other browsers, then the problem is with access to your account, login and password.

If this problem only appears in Chrome, clear cookies, caches, and site data in your Chrome browser. In order to clear the do the following steps:

  • In the upper right corner, click MoreMoreand select More tools > Clear browsing data.
  •  Select All the time to delete everything.
  • Check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
  • Click Clear Data.

Still not working? In this case, update your Chrome to the latest version. If the mail service still does not open after updating/reinstalling the browser, open an Incognito tab in Chrome and and then try to open Hotmail again. 

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