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This download is for informational purposes only, MSN Messenger was a chat service was shut down on October 31st 2014, however it is still available for weather forecast and news. Before it was discontinued it was rebranded as Windows Live Messenger.

What are the key features of MSN?

  • Instant messaging: the user can communicate with people from different locations around the world, the message receiving is instant and with notifications it allows it to keep track instantly. The instant messaging works only with a Hotmail account.
  • Video call: Similar to other communication software, Windows Live Messenger adopts a new form of technology to include video calls in which people can exchange virtually without interruption.
  • Sharing memorable moments of your life can be done using messages to your relatives or loved ones. The application allows you to upload videos and photos directly from your PC. Furthermore, you can edit your profile as you want: modifying your profile picture or adding album photos, and colors, among others.
  • Contact management: Live Messenger displays extended information about your relatives, such as phone number, e-mail address, names, address, and job.
  • Importing Facebook: The user can open his Facebook account from Messenger, allowing conversations with users who do not hold a Hotmail account avoiding the need to open a different account.
  • Language: The software is available in different languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, among others.

Is it free?

Yes, MSN was free to use and download. 

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