My XP Desktop is stuck on XP Window

Anonymous User - Jul 31, 2010 at 09:25 PM
 mark - Jul 31, 2010 at 10:45 PM
Hello, My XP Desktop gets stuck at the XP Blue Window. Yesterday I was on the Control Panel Window and was checking each Descriptive Font looking for the (IllP?) Window that when checked is suppose to allow my Vista Laptop to reconize my XP Desktop on my Home Network, so that I can utilize the Printer Sharing feature of a Home Network. It worked before with my HP Printer, but would no work with the New Kodak Printer that I just bought. But the Problem that I have incurred while doing this is as follows; After clicking on the Indexing Font and finding nothing, I went to the Network Connection Settings Font, but everything had slowed to a crawl, I did check some Boxes while there, but did not Delete anything. As the Speed was useless, I was going to Restart the Computer, but could not get a Start Button, so I forced a Shutdown by turning off the Power. But now on Re-Starting the Computer, I cannot get to anything. I have tried f2, f8, & f10 but they will not even take you to the Black DOS Windows for a Safe Start Mode. I have even tried Ctrl+Alt+Del and it will not even restart the Computer. I have put in the Emach Recovery Disc, it starts to read & Stops. During the Start of the Blue Screen, A small window comes on and says that Kodak Printer has timed out and has requested to be closed in an unusaul way.......But everything stops at the Blue XP Screen! I need some Help, do you know what to do?

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It's not good... mine did the same thing (dell desktop) and I had the hard drive replaced along with upgrading the memory then so much more I can't even talk about it. Sorry for not much help.