System not working

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hi dear acctually my pc is not giving the display although power is present in monitor , key board n cpu seems running but display is nit coming could u please help me out
looking forward for your reply

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thanks, I tried the f8 and not sure why but everything came back to life on my failed monitor and keyboard. apprec the tip, will see if this fixes it,
if you have changed your display settings recently you may face this problem.
if you can see the booting process then press F8 just after the booting process ( the screen you normaly see when you switch on you pc.). some options must be displayed containing
Start windows in Safe mode,
Start windows in Safe mode (networking),
Start windows in Safe mode (command prompt),

Start windows with Last known good configuration

Start Windows normally.

Onthis screen select Start windows in Safe mode, and then go through the process. when windows confirms safe mode please press YES. then change you display settings as you change in normal mode but be sure you must select the modes which your monitor support.( for monitor modes, check user manuals)

restart your pc

It must work