Nokia N73 offline mode problem

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I have a Nokia N73 cell phone that when I switched it on, it suddenly became Offline mode. There is no signal and when I put it on General profile and press to activate it, there is a message "insert sim card" although the sim card is already inserted. Also many forums says that when you switch off and switch on, the phone will ask whether you want to continue in OFFLINE MODE, select NO and it will be okay but there is no message like that. By the way, when I use my sim card to other phone, it works perfectly (and I put also other sim cards to my N73 but still it is on offline mode). They said that this Offline mode is perennial problem of N73. Please help me find solution for this problem as I am not able to use my cell phone anymore. I will appreciate any help and/or suggestion you can share. Thank you very much.

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Aug 15, 2010 at 11:40 PM
Dear Bernee,

The problem might also be coming from the SIM card and please try it on another phone for confirming it. If ever it is not from your SIM card, please get changing its profile to get the problem solved.

Thank you.
You can just adjust your Sim card to make sure it is not slipping off and remove your cell battery for few minutes, and insert it once again. On reboot it will prompt you if you wish to continue in offline mode, where you can select "No" and proceed. The mobile behaves normally then :)