After downloading completes, there's no files

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Hello, every time i try to download something, it finishes, and i get the "finished downloading" message, but when i look for the downloaded file, there is nothing, is it my browser? using windows xp media center edition.
the files i'm trying to download are java, winamp, and puzzle pirates client(internet rpg game) and they all do the same thing, i'm sure if i tried to download anything else it would do exactly the same thing.

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Try this 1.

Check the location where the files are saved.

Open Firefox --> Click on "Tools" --> Options --> Then in "General" tab, you

can find the location where the files are getting saved.


After downloading any file, in "Downloads" window --> right-click on the saved

file --> Select the option "Open Containing Folder" and then you can find the


Good Luck.
thanks so much, always so surprising how easy some problems are.