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I can open all drives and icons in just one click. I work on it as it is. Tally 9 not responding. Every thing is open as it is but when I open Tally 9, it opens. But, after 2 or 3 minutes, it starts hanging. I click on any gateway of Tally 9. It indicates on the title bar like this (Tally 9 not responding).

I can select the company but when I work on it (like when accept sales voucher entry), it starts hanging. I have to close it directly by clicking End Now.

To begin again, I have to restart Tally 9 again and fill the data from the beginning. Please solve the issue!

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Just add this line to your tally.ini file:

sound= No

And it'll solve your problem immediately.
Thank you

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thanks zopfan it is really help full
thanks a lot
Thanks.... You are a Pro Genius!!!

after Lots of efforts.... surprised at this simple solution.... It worked :-)
tthanx bro its is working
Thanks. Its Working
Our Tally is Workings slow, While Saving Vouchers & Exporting Reports, Can you Please give the Solution
Thanks it really worked I was wasted my head solving this problem for atleat 7 hours thanks at last for your answer. Thanks a lot again dear.