Fix a DNS error on a Samsung phone

Fix a DNS error on a Samsung phone

DNS (Domain Name System) is a web based service which translates alphabetic domain names into numeric IP address. This article will explain what it means when you see a DNS error and how to fix it.

What is the DNS error on Samsung mobile phone?

If you have a Samsung mobile which is showing the DNS error message when you access any websites through your mobile internet browser, it means that you have turned on auto receive mails which automatically verifies your mails. Or alternatively you have tried sending mails but there are no proper mail settings in your mobile which results in that you will not be able to view or retrieve the site you are attempting to access on your mobile telephone. Make the proper settings by disabling Verification frequency and save them.

How to fix DNS error?

  • Go to the phone Menu > Settings > Messages.
  • Select E-mails.
  • Next, go to the Receive/Reception option.
  • Finally, disable Verification frequency and save settings.
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