How to install apps in a Chinese iphone? [Solved/Closed]

 mark -

i have a Chinese iphone but I don't know how to install the applications in it??? and when I connect it with my pc it shows like a flash disc and that's all...i tried opening the I tunes to see if it detected something but I didn't find anything! so I have no idea how to install the applications from the itunes into my iphone!


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Dear Emma,

You will not be able to install any application on it for the fact that there is no application or software that is supported on these clones.

Thank you.
Thank you

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but I found some applications in it from the begining , I just want more
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Hi Emma

As mentioned, you cannot get more for your phone will not be able to support them. Sorry to say but you are doomed!
just download java games it work on me
guys if u want to downloads java apps in fake 4s it will crash defenitely... china merely prepared this fake 4s for basic cellphone only not cool enough u know.. due to its capacity not having a great features although some have been copy like in the original you may see its differences some apps doesn't work 100%...