Samsung impression touch screen isn' working.

DANNyakawaffles - Sep 6, 2010 at 02:48 PM
 Neha - Mar 9, 2018 at 07:26 AM

My samsung impression touch screen isn't working, the phone turns on and everything, but doesn't allow me to click on screen can call people just have to dial from my keyboard basically everything works but the screen it lights up, wont allow me to touch the screen not responding. can anyone help me?


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i have read all of these posts and one idea did work for me at least for now. yesterday my touch screen stopped working so I did a search and it brought me to this web site. I couldn't use my touch screen at all not even with hard pressure. Then I read a post somewhere on this site that said turn your phone upside down and pressing a little hard drag your fingers from the "samsung" black section of your phone towards the top, The pressure sensor had some how gotten dropped to the bottom under the samsung name. I did this and it took a few times but my phone is now working better I did a recalibration and reset the factory settings to assist in this but in two days this is the first I have gotten to use my touch screen. I was also able to send a text message for the first time in two days. I really love my phone and don't want to have to replace it so I am thankful for all the information that was put on this site some helped and some didn't but never hurts to try everything you can.
I didn't work for me sadly MNOEL. But I am glad you helped other people ;w;
It took a while but it worked thanks
Thank you so much!! It seems stupid to do those things you said, but it really works!!! Ahahah Thanks again :)
WOOT! This TOTALLY WORKED! I had almost given up my phone for dead. THANK YOU!!!!
Great help boss
Thank you so much MNOEL, it actually worked!!!! lol