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 tontoman -
i need a software movie maker .can anybody help me to get it. thanks

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Movie Maker is for starters/ basic for beginingers.

If you are experinced in making or editing movies, then you should get a better software.

Use Nero Vision 4 if you want to do a quick editing or add effects.

Sony Vegas Studio is a good program, I won't recommend it because its too hard and takes skills to understand it. Unless you are really talented, you will come up with some crazy editing with Sony Vegas.

The other ones that are top for video editing:
Ulead Video Studio
Adobe Premier Elements
Cyberlink Power director

Note that this 3 programs are EXPENSIVE and you need a high end pc to use it unless your pc will be crashing if you have a weak pc (like mine:/)

Don't try Pinnacle Studio, you can't even add a PNG picture in the time line:/
Thank you

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Pinnacle Stution works fine, png can be added without problem