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Kodak EasyShare is an all-in-one digital photo software. It is equipped with all the necessary tools for organizing, printing, and sharing your photos.

What is Kodak EasyShare?

Developed by Kodak, EasyShare is an application that helps you get the most out of your photography. Unleash your creativity and edit your images to full satisfaction. You can also use EasyShare to organize your photo library, make quality prints, and share your creations with your friends and family.

The latest version of Kodak EasyShare is the 8.3 version - since 2012, it is no longer available for download from the official Kodak website. Thus, the version linked to this article may not work or run with recurrent errors.

What are the key features of Kodak EasyShare?

  • Organize: The carefully designed EasyShare interface lets you add, view, edit, and sort your photos in the easiest way possible. The software also features automatic organization so that you can find and view your photos quickly. Moreover, you can add custom labels to your photos and add the best items in your collection to a Favorites list.
  • Edit: It is possible to modify your photos: crop them, rotate them, delete red eyes, enhance color balances, add effects, and much more. This is a perfect tool to make quick and simple fixes before proceeding to print or share your photos.
  • Print: Thanks to EasyShare, printing your photos at home has never been easier. If you don't have the time to manually edit your photos, you can simply click the One Touch to Better Pictures button, which will automatically adjust the colors of your pictures to match your printer's settings.
  • Share: There is a built-in sharing feature that lets you share your pictures by e-mail directly from the software without having to access your browser. You can choose to send your photos in their original resolution, or in the Best for e-mail resolution, which converts the image into a lower resolution, thus creating a smaller file size.
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How to use Kodak EasyShare?

  1. After downloading the application, simply double-click the executable file to install the software on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  2. When you open the application, you will be taken to the home screen. The My Collection tab is the place where you can start adding photos to your library. You can either connect your camera to your computer through USB, insert the memory card into your card reader, or import photos from your hard drive or an external storage device.
  3. You will also find other tabs from where you can explore other features of the software, such as Print at Home (print your photos), E-mail (share your photos), and Creative Projects (photo editing).

Is Kodak EasyShare free?

Kodak EasyShare is a free software.

Is Kodak EasyShare safe?

Yes, this is a reliable application with no history of data abuse or security vulnerabilities.

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