Adobe Flash Player 10.1 installer/uninstaller

 khalnayak -

I have visited one website called, after that my IE8 is not working at is not closing even.!!

I have Windows Visa and IE8..but its not working...I have tried so many things....!

It just coming with one error message....

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 installer/uninstaller r82 stopped working !!!!!!!

Please if any one knows how to solve the problem then tell me...i have to do my project work but I can't do becaz of IE.....


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Dear Sir,

The problem is directly coming from its Flash Player plug in and hence you should have it removed and reinstalled to get free of the trouble.

Thank you

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Hey I have found one having same issue as of yours, here are some solutions that you can try out and see if it is helping.

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