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Hello,sorry I delete for autorun.inf virus but come to agin this virus. so how I can remove this virus ple help
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guys trust me on this one, I was messed up with autorun.inf. and completely f****d up searching solutions for this.

try out ninja pendisk. its totally free and a cool software, and works like hell for autorun.inf viruses.

Thank you, crusader 8

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ouch ur a hacker
hihi01 4 Posts Wednesday January 7, 2009Registration date January 8, 2009 Last seen - Jan 7, 2009 at 10:27 PM
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Hi, I think merely removing the autorun.inf would not resolve your issue. Autorun.inf files come with an associated file which could be the real virus. Anyway, you could open with notepad the autorun.inf file to check exactly what file that autorun.inf is actually running.

Or if you use command prompt, locate the location of the autorun.inf. Then rename it first, say, autorun.txt and read it.

To remove the autorun.inf, I posted a reply containing a link for an application I use in removing it.
Please read here: 53582 autorun inf
devils.venom 19 Posts Tuesday December 2, 2008Registration date March 19, 2010 Last seen - Dec 22, 2008 at 11:10 AM
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first run your system in safe mode, then go to your my computer properties and enable the system restore function.
then restart your computer and run in command prompt mode. in the command mode type the following.
ATTRIB Autorun.inf -H -S -R.
if the file is found in the Drive then give.
DEL Autorun.inf.
<similarly you can do it for all drives. but you have to restart your system for each drive.>
wat if the fil is not found
Roby > lady_chx - Feb 23, 2009 at 03:13 AM
it means there is no "autorun.inf' in ur drives, u r safe......
i tried doing it individually for each drive but still no able to open my hidden files and it still shows in cmd promt dir/ah that I still have autorun.inf. wat to do plz help
syazana 1 Posts Wednesday March 12, 2014Registration date March 12, 2014 Last seen - Mar 12, 2014 at 09:39 AM
if ihad done this,my files still be there right>
kandanisana - May 11, 2009 at 09:10 AM
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download smart remover
restart your computer in safe mode
install smart remover and let it run
right click smat remover Icon on the status bar and click lauch smart remover
click on restore windows setting and enable all
close smart remover
go to folder options and enable view hidden files and folders
you will be able to see autorun.inf
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Go For The manufactrurer Site There Will be Online Fixing Software. just like
Mwanasoft 57 Posts Sunday May 24, 2009Registration date April 6, 2010 Last seen - Sep 29, 2009 at 04:05 AM
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I would ask you to try and delete the viruses(autorun.inf) using cmd, try to use the commands to delete the viruses

if that doesn't work then you'll have download a third party application called autorun eater.exe.It really did great thing for me.

Something else is that after autrun eater detects an autorun it will tend to delete if it doesnt succed then you will have do download unlocker.exe which will unload any thread that is locking the autorun from being deleted.

Have a nice day and Enjoy!!!!!!!

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Autorun is as it says. It fires up with your system. You can't delete it because the system believes that it is using it. run a program called UNDLL and search for the file you wish to delete in both prefetch and system32. Select the file and delete it. UNDLL doesn't care if windows is using the file. Be careful in that you choose the right file or .exe or whatever.