How to install games in nokia 5233 [Solved/Closed]

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How games can be install in the nokia 5233 please answer in detail
Please help me!

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* Connect your phone to the PC.
*Open Nokia pc suite
* Click Install... on the tool bar or select it from the File menu.
* Select the *.JAD file of the application you want to install and click Install.
*An information box will appear when the installation is complete.


Thank you, sadgurl 24

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You should simply open the installer.
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i agree with sadgurl ,
but most of the mobile stuff sites provide stuff in zip folder so you've just need to unzip before installing , it's very simple just like 1 , 2 , 3
so right click on downloaded game and select the Extract All option , you file will be on front of you , if you are browsing on mobile then you've need to install zip extractor that is available at help page of , I Love
Thank you
Here is all downloads and complete method of installation