Call of Duty black ops steam must be running [Solved/Closed]

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- Dec 2, 2015 at 10:48 AM

after I have install my pc game "Call of Duty black ops" I have this fatal error message:
"Steam must be running to play this game". What's the problem ? :(
my dvd game is original ! please help.

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Download Steam Program !!

Thank you, Madrid 251

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Sumetimes, you need to run it as administrator.
Also for Skidrow games, you need to follow these instructions to resolve this issue.
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Please get your steam account registered.
Thank you
Download Steam Program !!!
Thank you
Eh guys before starting to come with stupid answers I have same problem running steam in admin and the game itself running as admin from the steam library

And also getting steam must be running ,still it is better then yesterday waiting for a treyarch update to go online that still hasent happend