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You probably know Epic Games as the Fortnite creators; it is thanks to the success of this game that Epic Games have been able to create their own video game digital platforms called the Epic Games Launcher and the Epic Games Store, they can now challenge giants like Steam or GOG. The Epic Games Launcher we provide here for free will get you access to their store and all the extra features like saving games in the cloud, automatic game updates, and more.

What are the key features of Epic Games Launcher?

  • More benefits for developers: Epic Games cares about people who create products using their tools. That's why they adapted their business model only to keep 12% of the products' revenues (against 30% for Steam), thus proposing a much fairer business model for both the customer and the developers.
  • Free games (and some exclusives): Some classics like Rocket League or Fortnite can only be found on Epic Games, but they also offer weekly a new free-to-play game that you can purchase for free.
  • Fast and light: Epic Games Launcher has been designed to run smoothly, have shorter loading times, and lower resource consumption. You will see the difference between Epic Games and other platforms.
  • Stay tuned: The main page lets you easily view all the latest video games and the news of the gaming communities. In addition, you will find much relevant information about updates, new offers, recommendations, and more.
  • Unreal Engine: Unreal Engine is one of the most featured, user-friendly, and powerful game engines in the industry. Using it, you will easily create any game or simulation. Moreover, you will find many tutorials and resources, as well as other users' projects that will help you master this crazy development environment.
  • Configuration: Epic Games has a dedicated settings menu. It will let you configure many parameters such as notifications, saving to the cloud, running at startup, changing the language, accessing technical support, or showing logs, among others.

How does it work?

First of all, you must create an Epic Games account if you don't have one. Click on the Login button in the upper right corner of the official page and then click on Sign up. Fill in all the fields and, once done, download Epic Games Launcher by clicking on the button at the top of this page. Finally, install it on your computer and log in with your account.

Is it free?

Yes, Epic Games Launcher is completely free. The game store will allow you to purchase free and paid games. We recommend that you keep an eye out for new offers, as many of them are really interesting and only available for a limited time.

Is it safe?

Yes, so far, no case of violation of user privacy or malware has been reported after running Epic Games Launcher. Still, it would be best if you were careful not to provide your Epic account details to any other user or use them on unofficial pages.

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