F drive won't recognise the sims 2 [Closed]

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I am trying to install The Sims 2: Holiday edition on my PC, but it won't recognise anything. I have absoluteley NO CLUE if it won't recognise it, or it just wants to be mean, but it makes that little "clicka clicka clicka chank brzz" sound for a minute, then it doesn't do anything. PLZ HELP NOW!!!!!! I have a Windows XP: Home Edition as the thingy.......thats running.........the computer.....I think it' the OS but I forgot lol but the main point is HELP NOW!!!!!! I'M SAD!! I JUST GOT 3 NEW GAMES AND I WANT 2 INSTALL THEMMMMMM

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I have a silly question perhaps... have you tried other CDs in your drive to make sure the drives not bad? Have you tried the CD in another PC?
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No, my other computer won't run the sims, it doesn't have 3D hardware acceleration.

It seems that only the new disks will work.