How To Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel [Solved/Closed]

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I need to apply conditional formatting to range H1:H10000 based on corresponding values in another column, G1:G10000.

If the value in the G cell = 1, then I want the H cell to be blue and bold.

If the value in the G cell = 2, then I want the H cell to be purple and bold.

If the value in the G cell = 3, then I want the H cell to be red and bold.

Otherwise, I want no formatting.

For example, if cell G65 = 3, then I want cell H65 to be red and bold.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

Select cell H1, goto top menu's > format > conditional format.

Condition 1:
formula is: G1=1 apply desired format.
Condition 2:
formula is: G1=2 apply desired format.
Condition 3:
formula is: G1=3 apply desired format.
Click OK.

Drag cell H1 down.
If you already have data in column H, select "format only" from the small square that appears when you are donw dragging.

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Thank you

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> Etienne
Thanks Etienne, even if you post was 2 years ago, using an IF function is exactly how to do this!

Hi TrowaD,

Dragging down the H1 cell with the formula is not helping me replicate the same in the dragged down cells. Please help
To be able to use the Format Painter to copy the format down the column, be sure your formula for formatting has no dollar sign in the number field. The dollar sign would make it an absolute value. For example, use =if($g1=1,true,false) instead of using =if($g$1=1,true,false) .
> vidanuevatx

Alleluia! Working on a =if($G1>$H1,true,false) and it works great.
I tried that for my problem but it didn't work. I have a similar issue, If G7 is not blank, turn G5 bold and red. I say not blank, because it could be a number of different text.
So, in conditional format, with G5 selected, I put G7<>"", then format red and bold
Any suggestions?