Help with my new kodak easyshare m530 camera. [Closed]

 Mark -
Hello, I just got the kodak easyshare m530 for my birthday and cannot upload pictures onto my computer. all my pictures are on the memory card thats in the camera. I plug it in with the usb and it'll pop up on my computer screen but wont show or let me upload any of the pictures. Please help.

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Look at page six of your manual:

You must be connected to Internet

Use the camera USB

Turn the camera on

If the downloader does not run, you must find it and launch it
Thank you

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I purchased for my kids two EasyShare M530 cameras but can't download as well the pictures I took...

When I connect any camera of the two EasyShare M530 to my PC xp o/s nothing happened :-( it's very disappointing all of us and KODAK's web site is not helping at all...

Please help, this case it's very disappointing all of us.