Recover deleted Skype messages: iPhone, Mac, on Android

Recover deleted Skype messages: iPhone, Mac, on Android

Skype will automatically hide old messages from the chat window. If you are looking for an old message, scrolling down, you may not find it. Don't worry, it hasn't been deleted, there is a way to access your old messages. In this article we will show you how to find an old, or even deleted, message on Skype.

To recover​​​ deleted Skype messages:

  • Firstly, go to You will be instructed to login to your account. 
  • Select the conversations box and download your messages.
  • Then select the submit request button
  • You should receive a notification when the file is ready to download. This will give you a full list of your chat history. 
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This method should work for Android, Mac and Window versions of Skype. 

For older versions of Skype

  • This method works for older versions of Skype on Windows, for example Skype Classic. 
  • Go to the Windows search bar and enter: %appdata%\Skype
  • This should give you a folder with your Skype user name.
  • Open it, and then locate the main.db file. This is where your Skype chat history is stored. You can then see your message history. 

There are several additional things to consider. With recent updates to Skype, messages are no longer stored on your computer, they are instead stored in the cloud. Skype also automatically deletes large files such as video, audio and image files after 30 days. When you download your message history you will find that you will no longer have access to this type of content. And finally, if you have updated your version of Skype, chat history will not be carried over from one version to another. 

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