ITunes won't recognize iPod Touch 4G [Closed]

 ron -
I need help trying to get iTunes to detect my iPod Touch 4G

So far I've gone through many steps that I've been instructed to take by others but nothing has fixed my current problems. The device will connect to the PC and correctly install the driver but iTunes won't recognize the device is there unless I put the iPod into Restore Mode.

To help, here's what I've gone through;
I've restarted my PC, reinstalled iTunes, restarted my iPod Touch, reinstalled the driver, booted the device into other modes and tried other USB ports.

So far I can only get iTunes to detect the iPod in Recovery Mode.
Please, does anyone know what could be going wrong?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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I made some headway in finding out the issues. I figured out that the issue so far is with the Apple Mobile Device Service. The Service immediately stops when I plug the device into the computer. The device does connect and work on my Laptop, but not on my PC.

And when I try to start the service when the device is connected I get error 1067; "Windows could not start the Apple Mobile Device service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly."

Again, if anyone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Thank god. I'm not the only one. I just updated my iTunes. and it didn't recognize my iPod, it told me to restore it. I did, and now I can't sync anything from my backed up iPod, to the new one.
I've been working all day to try to fix this issue and apparently not even apple support knows how.
Hi Rin,

I just had the same problem on my computer, go into Services and see what the entry "Apple Mobile Device" says in the "Status" column.

Just to clarify, for the iPod to be seen, it needs to be set to Automatic and be set to "On". If iTunes is open when you make any changes to it, close iTunes and open it back up. It should see your iPod after that.
I have a 3rd and 4th generation ipod and i am also having the same problems with itunes not syncing. Whats also interesting is that when you go into "my computer" the ipod does not show connected to usb as it did before as an apple ipod or media device.

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