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Hello, i just bought an itouch and it wont allow me to sync it to i tunes. i cant sync anything to my itouch and it doesnt show up on my computer...please help!

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I had a similar problem, but did not receive an error message. iTunes was detecting my iPod Nano with no problem, but when I plugged in the iTouch to that same USB port, my PC was not recognizing it. The PC would make the sound (like a bell?) when I plugged it in, but nothing would come up.

I tried the Reset, Restart, download latest itunes, nothing worked.

Finally, I found a comment someone made about uninstalling the USB port under Device Manager (Control Panel->System-> Hardware). The thing was that I had to actually have the Device Manager open, with all the USB ports listed (click on +), because the Apple device (!) only showed up for a few seconds, and I had to click on it real quick and select Uninstall. Then I unplugged the iTouch and restarted the computer. After that it worked just fine. Whew.
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> kevin
plz help on my computer it says that the device is unknown
> kevin
What????????????? :S Argh! Help!
mine is like that too. my ipod shuffle can be detected but my itouch doesn't show up in itunes. But the camera device can be recognized. What to do? Please help me. Thank you.
Huh? Sory, I don't get it! I really need help, as well!!!! :(
i have a mac computer and my iTouch wasn't being recognized on iTunes when i plugged it in. Thankfully, my iTouch made the beep noise and showed up on iTunes after i restarted my computer so maybe it would work for you too :)
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check if the cable is correctly connected to the port.
check if you have the driver. install the driver then connect it again.
if ti still does not work, contact your local reseller, its may be that there is a problem with the iTouch.