External harddrive not working

 sandy -
last night i connect my wd 320 gig to my xbox 360 and this morning when i tried to connect to my mac it says the disk inserted is not readable. Help pleaaasseee!

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have you tried to use it in another computer?
you may also try to get some help there:
try to remove jumper and connect it again to the PCs
thats the same thing that happend to me but i have a 250 gig
I have that same problem my hard drive doesn't show in my computer under hard drives and it dose that reboot thing.
Me too!! I just purchased a Mac book pro and my WD external hard drive that I've had for a few months is not communicated with my Mac. The error message says to re-insert a disk or allow more space.
i have tht same prob with my 250gb wd harddrive
usb power issue..
did you guys plug it in the usb 2.0 slot??
i have 500gb ext hd....
it is not installing in my computer