Hotmail account blocked - seeking solution

Searching in Singapore - Mar 28, 2011 at 05:12 AM
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I am also trying to regain access to my hotmail account and am growing more an more frustrated. I have filled, and refilled (three times) the form on the validation page and received two responses that said my information was insuffient. It's been three days and I have not received a response to my third request. Does this mean my 15 year relationship with hotmail has come to such an abrupt end?

Is there any way that microsoft can offer some kind of live support that would enable me to verify that I am the person I claim to be? Are there any options or alternatives to the validation process.

The windowslive help line that you have referred other people to is rather difficult to navigate and does not address this situation.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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May 9, 2011 at 04:56 AM

and for all those whose account has been blocked, here is the verbatum text taken from Hotmail/MSN site on how to recover your account:

Somebody stole your password to send spam. We temporarily block the accounts compromised to help you you and your contacts, and then let us help you to recover your account.

The fastest means to recover your account is to change your password. Then you will want certainly to ensure you that the person at the origin of this incident did not change the data of your account, which would enable him to take again at once the control of your account.

Here the steps which you should follow:

1. Can you always connect you? If you can,change your password. For this follow our steps to modify your password.

2. Were asked to give your cell phone number after connected? At the time of connection, it is possible indeed that we ask for a telephone number in order to send you a message text containing to you a secret code. This is intended to prevent the spammers from using your account.

3. If you do not manage to connect you, try to redefine your password.

During the process of validation it to you will be asked key information on your account Windows Live that you only you will be able to provide us. This enables us to check that you are the rightful owner of the account. The criteria of requirement intended to protect you are very strict, consequently you must give us as much information as possible and details for each question. It is possible that you need to request from some your friends and contacts to ask for confirmation of subject of received emails or addresses email of contacts. The more information, the more we will be able to validate your account and thus to help you to recover the access on your account.

If for a different reason you can't connect you for a different reason, see information on this subject on the page relating to connection problems of connection:
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Mar 28, 2011 at 05:22 AM
Dear Searching in Singapour,

From your description of the issue, I assume that your account has been blocked. Am I correct in assuming so?

There is presently an epidemic where thousands of Hotmail accounts are being hacked and I gather that MSN/Hotmail is overwhelmed and sinking into requests for recovery. Some users have reported that it takes a week to get a reply.

On this forum, I have given several times the one and only method for account recovery which I will again give to you. However, I don't have the link handy, but within the site I give you, there is a possibility to correspond directly with a customer service attendant.

Here are the instructions again and the best of luck to you. When you recover your account, I would appreciate your feedback.

Your MSN/Hotmail Account has been hacked!

If your MSN Account has been hacked, go to MSN email support:

You have to give all informations about your problem and about your identity:
* Your e-mail (the "Windows Live ID").
* Your first name and full name.
* Your date of birth (month / day / year).
* Your country.
* The state, province or department in which you reside.
* Your zip code.
* The IP address of each computer used to access your account, or the most commonly used. To find your IP address, visit :
* The answer to your secret question (if you don't remember it, notify it).
* Emergency address email registered for this account (if no emergency address, notify it).
* Your Internet service provider (at work or at home).
* The date and approximate time of your last login.
* The information below:
o For Windows Live Hotmail user :
? Examples of files names which you created in addition to those existing by defect
? Examples of contacts contained in your address book.
? Examples of old email titles contained in your inbox folders or messages.
o For Windows Live Messenger user :
? Examples of contacts contained in your contact list.
? The nickname under which you appear on Windows Live Messenger.
VERY IMPORTANT ! Write your request in a clear and understandable English, avoiding the SMS language, spelling and abbreviations !

? Remember this is the only way you can expect to recover your account!
hey ambucias. i don't get it. where do i fill out that form and to whom do i send it to?
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Apr 10, 2011 at 03:34 PM
Hey Alse

Click on the link I gave above, follow the indications, ie "my account has been compromised", etc click on continue and you will reach a page with the form.

Good luck
Hi Ambucias

I couldnt find ' my account has been compromised' you mentioned earlier.
Can you please provide steps to guide us through the page in that i can fill in my information?
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May 22, 2011 at 03:51 PM
I am in the same boat! Found my account I have had since about 1999 suddenly blocked and I have failed two attempts at the 'validation process' in the Windows Live Solution center.

I will have a third attempt although it is telling me to give up and open a new account - but then I have lost all those conversations with my daughters in the US going back all those years etc.
Got to be a way round this one!!
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May 22, 2011 at 03:57 PM
There is no way to communicate with MSN/Hotmail directly, they are incommunicado because they would be overwhelmed with messages.

There is no way around it, no matter who, where and how often you ask.

The only way to recover that account is provided in this tip:

Please follow the procedure given in the following tip and recover your account:

Good luck