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Hope that someone can help me with this problem..... I've created a list in Excel 2007. I've added 3 colours in the list (blue, red, green). I use this list on another sheet in Excel to select a colour. Now I need to add another colour to the list so that the data capturer can have more colours to select from. How do I do this? When we used Excel 2003 it was easy. No I do not see (or I'm simply not understanding the new commands in 2007) how to add more data to a list. If I simply add the new colour at the bottom of the list, it does not form part of the list. Can someone please assist as this is urgent. Thanks. Talana

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OK Talana, I've just figured out the answer. Go to the "Formulas" ribbon, then click "Name Manager" in the "Defined Names" section (about mid-screen). This will bring up a list of all defined names - including lists - and you can edit their names, range of cells, etc. Hopefully this still helps you, even though you posted your message about 4 months ago!

For the life of me, I can't imagine WHO thought these changes were a good idea. It's completely different from any previous version of Excel. People who use productivity software DO NOT want to completely RELEARN the software when there is an updated version. Please Microsoft, make SMALL CHANGES with each new version!! This is INSANE!
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Thank you! Never would have figured this out on my own - took me one full hour just to update three lists because I couldn't figure it out! Now I know for next time.
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that really helped. Thank you so much.
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try this link to get full information about excel:
Thanks Neomsi

I'm fairly comfortable with Excel and it is only this specific issue that I have a problem with - do you know how to do this?

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I'm having the same problem and it's driving me freakin BONKERS. I can't believe how absurdly STUPID Excel 2007 can be!! Why would they make it so difficult to EDIT A FREAKIN LIST!!! Do people at Microsoft never have the need to append new things to a list? This is giving me such a headache...

Tables: Insert row
Description: The List feature in Office Excel 2003 had a special row at the bottom to add new records to the list. This special row is removed in Office Excel 2007. Instead, you can add data to a table by using the ENTER and TAB keys when the active selection is in the last data row of the table. You can also drag the resize handle at the bottom-right corner of the table to add more rows.