My browser can't connect to the internet unless i uninstall my anti virus [Solved/Closed]

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I use windows xp sp2. any browser of mine (firefox/IE/Opera) cant connect to the internet unless I remove my antivirus program. I use avast internet security 5.0.545. I hv checked all settings of avast but there is no blocking but still I am unable to connect to the internet. my antivirus is getting updated and I can update any program when there is connection but I cant access the internet through the browser. I used to connect to the internet through internet. whenever I uninstall the antivirus the browser connects to the another computer connected through wi-fi I am using avast 5.0.545 but there is no problem with browser connecting to internet!! how can I connect to the internet through browser keeping avast installed!! plz help som1

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can you disable avast when youre on and try the internet then?

if this works, try disabling just the FIREWALL only and give it a try.

with avast enabled can you ping google?

go to start > run > type cmd and press OK

type ping and press enter

tell me if you get a response.

hi jus stop ur webshield and try!!!!!! I hope it will work

webshield is inside ur avast internet security 'realtimeshields'
hi, I installed avast antivirus after my web browser not working
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Hello dineesh,
Some of the antivirus settings block your internet connection.
what about disabling them?
I solved this!!! I updated into AVAST Internet Security 2015. After that, when I am about to open my laptop and connect to wifi, I cannot anymore. What I did is, I opened AVAST tray.. Settings > Update > (I forgot which tab I found it. :P) Then you will see a Notification that you need to Reboot your system! Click Reboot Now.. And Laptp will restart! And alas!!!! Wifi is now working! :) Probably, your pc wasnt Rebooted properly. (Although I knew I restarted it, by the windows restart? :P guess it doesnt work. It might really need to be restarted through AvAst.)

Hope this experience of mine helps! :)

There are two ways to fix this...

1.If u have Avast Internet Security. Go to tray nd right click on avast icon then select Enable Online Mode. Then it should work. (Its like its preventing u too browse the web because of the dangers like spam and virus ads.)

2.Disable all shields
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I disabled an internet shield ONLY...after spending over an hour trying to find a solution! SETTINGS < ACTIVE PROTECTION < WEB SHIED (OFF)