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  • Developer FACEIT LIMITED
  • Version 2.1
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FACEIT Anti-Cheat is the official anti-cheat software for video games developed for the FACEIT esports platform played by dozens of millions of players worldwide.

What is FACEIT Anti-Cheat?

The FACEIT Anti-cheat is the ESL FACEIT Group's game security software, designed to ensure the highest level of community integrity on their platforms. Simply put, this solution dynamically analyzes players' data and detects cheaters in real-time. It comprises several behavioral systems and a cheating technique database that is constantly updated with new cheating strategies. It allows more fairness in many competitive titles, like Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveLeague of LegendsDota 2Team Fortress 2, or Rocket League.

FACEIT Anti-Cheat is composed of several components:

  1. The application that runs when you are playing one of their protected games.
  2. The kernel mode driver that is loaded at boot time.
  3. The server-side SDK that allows the communication between the client and the server, making sure this communication is secure and protects your privacy.

What are the key features of FACEIT Anti-Cheat?

  • Fairness: FACEIT Anti-Cheat combines client-side cheat detection with a server-side analysis, ensuring that detections are improved as the volume of data increases. Players can cheat in many ways, like using third-party solutions or hacks to auto-target, seeing through walls, modifying the game's rendering, turning off anti-cheat solutions, etc.
  • Adaptability: It is composed of several behavioral systems that continuously analyze data for already known cheats, but it can also spot new cheats and update itself, ensuring you're always up-to-date.
  • Privacy-oriented: FACEIT Anti-Cheat only collects information essential to detect cheats, and those pieces of information are only used for that purpose. In addition, most analysis is done by automated systems, so no human is involved in them. Finally, the data storage and access comply with the most stringent EU data protection laws.
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  • Flexibility: Thanks to the Anti-cheat tray icon, you can now disable the FACEIT driver, so you don't need to uninstall the entire FACEIT Anti-Cheat solution.
  • Thorough scan: Apart from detecting cheaters, it also informs you about the vulnerable drivers identified on your computer and will provide you with a link specifying how to disable them.

How to use FACEIT Anti-Cheat?

FACEIT Anti-Cheat requires Windows Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 to work when you are playing on FACEIT.com. It may differ if you use the Anti-cheat version already integrated within a game that is not playable on the website.

  1. Download and install it on your computer. Reboot to load the driver, and it will do the job in the background.
  2. If you want to turn it off, go to the tray icon and choose "disable driver". Then, reboot your computer, and the driver won't be loaded.

Is FACEIT Anti-Cheat free?

Yes, FACEIT Anti-Cheat is free to use.

Is FACEIT Anti-Cheat safe?

Yes, FACEIT Anti-Cheat is considered safe. Of course, it can scan your data from boot to shutdown (as the FACEIT Anti-Cheat driver is loaded at boot time), but systems that check your data are automated and encrypted, and the company respects the most stringent EU data protection laws. For more information, check their privacy policy and their responsible disclosure policy.

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