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I am working with Excel 2003 professional and just yesterday after entering a bunch of records to my file, which has about 19,000 rows, I discovered that my auto-filter just stopped filtering completely.

When I clicked the arrow, there is no value in the dropdown list. There are just All, Custom, and Top 10. But even these options, when I tried to click on them, do not work either.

I have removed and re-applied the filter, but the problem remained as same. I did google and try the manual calculation mode. That did not work for me.

Even I tried to copy a dozen of records to a new worksheet and applied the auto-filter, but it showed nothing.

Please help me guys, I cannot survive without my auto-filter.

Thanks a million!
System Configuration: Windows XP Firefox

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Hi all,

I had a similar problem in the past weeks - the auto filter was freezing after a couple of use and I had no other choice than to remove the autofilter and unhide the hidden rows before putting it back for a couple more uses.

A colleague then reminded me of a common practice: instead of adding a filter to the title row, insert a blank row between the row bearing the column titles and your first row of proper data, and add the filter to that blank row. Well, it works for me. I think the filter gets stuck when the column titles get too long for some reason.
im using the formula to add =sum(b2:b184) and then enter but it doesnt work
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make sure the cell is formatted to be "general" and if it is so, could you explain more beside "does not work"
hi I tried the select all and then applied the filer again. It worked.
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