How to copy data from one sheet to another

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I am having a workbook. In sheet 1,m having store name in column A(A2:A9),in column B inventory for soap ranging B2:B9,in column C inventory for toothpaste ranging C2:C9,in column D inventory for Blades ranging D2:D9,this continues till column Z for different products. The stores mentioned in Col A comes under three regional heads,sheet2 contains 3 stores,sheet3 contains 2 stores and sheet 4 contains 3 stores.
Now i want that whenever the data in filled in sheet 1 for all stores as per products,the data automatically gets filled in respective sheet as per regional.

please help.


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suppose the main data in sheet1
you have three more sheets called region1,region2,region3 all of which has column heading as in sheet1' and the names of the stores in that region

select sheet region1 and select B2
pressing shift key click tab or region2 and region3
now type the formula
copy B2 to the right and down for four or five rows.
now click shee1.

you see region1, region2 and region3

now change some data in sheet 1 and see whether it is reflected in region sheets.

this is manual

if you want a macro post back


if you want to enter same data or same formula in the same cell over multiple sheets you select one sheet and select that particular cell and pressing shift key select other sheets. all the sheets will be chosen. now type whatever you want, the data (or formula) is entered in all the sheets. make some experiments in a blank file.
Hi,thank u very much for the help bro..... :)